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Scrapbook 2009 | Part II
"The evolution is coming..."

Content: books read, movies seen, favorites songs by months, channel hopping (aka tv shows watched) and many more...

Last update: Friday, July 10th 2009
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09 July 2009 @ 07:15 pm
Title : The Ghost of Jealousy
Author : artinrevolution
Fandoms : Supernatural/IRL
Characters : Dean, Sam and a surprise (or not) guest
Rating : PG
Spoilers : Not really but there might be a mild spoiler for the end of season 4.
Disclaimer : I don't own the boys, sadly. Neither the ghost of MJ.

Summary : See the title, mwahahaha.

A/N : Mmmh, it looks like I'm still brooding over Michael Jackson. I don't know if this fic has already been written but I suddenly got the idea of this "crossover" while I was listening to Thriller by Michael Jackson and thinking about the vid of his supposed "ghost" on YouTube (you can watch it here ;) it's kind of awesome). So this is my little tribute to Michael Jackson...
It's unbetaed so I apologize if I did any mistakes in English.
Title from Ghosts by MJ.

There's a ghost down in the hall...Collapse )
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132 moods | no repetitions | available in two versions (simple and rounded edges)

Download links and previews @ edge_of_the_art

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12 May 2009 @ 12:34 pm
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