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Kathy (or petite poule en chocolat). 21 years old. French witch. Echelon. BW's special agent. SPN and Doctor Who rock.
My entries are mainly in English except for the fanfictions and some of the personal ones.

Supernatural. Doctor Who. 30 Seconds to Mars. Inception. Back to the Future. XMFC. Good Omens. Harry Potter. Crossovers.

Road trips.

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I am the Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman of LiveJournal (iam_book).
(idk_my_bff) Dr. Jacob Glaser (Stonehenge Apocalypse) is my BFF.
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~ My French Community about Supernatural ~

Searching for a Salvation
It's a community for french fanfictions about the TV Show Supernatural, there is also some challenges for writers, which include prompt ^^

♥ Supernatural is love ♥
Supernatural is Love

♥ Dean Winchester is love ♥
Dean is Love

♥ Samuel Winchester is love ♥
Sam is Love

♥ J2 is love ♥
J2 is love

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The Adventures of Timmy Tac
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